Dean's Message

We have been leading scientific education and research in Korea for the past 100 years and have evolved into a world-class university. The College of Science comprises six departments: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Earth System Sciences, Astronomy, and Atmospheric Sciences. It has been steadily improving the educational research environment.

Natural science is a basic discipline that is essential to the understanding and interpretation of the principles and laws that govern matter, life, and the universe through academic language and logic. It also plays a key role in the advancement and development of related disciplines, including medical science, engineering, and technology. In addition, the development of natural science can provide solutions to various problems that the future civil society would face. Therefore, education and research in natural science are crucial and everlasting

We welcome students with curiosity and enthusiasm for natural science. We will do our best to ensure that you grow into a good scientist who will come to lead the world's natural science field. We will also support you to make sure that you develop into a talented individual who contributes to and serves our society. We hope to have your continual interest and support.

Dean of College of Science, Seongsoo Yeom